Thursday, October 13, 2011

The City of Joy Chronicles

Cal is hard and hot and I hate it.  I just lost my temper, and came so close into getting into a fist fight with a large sardar.  I went to buy Bournvita from a store close to my house last evening, and this morning when I opened it, the seal was broken and the powder was solid.  So I went to return it but the storekeeper said it wasn't his problem once it left the store.  I started to reason with him and then arguing with him.  In the end I got so mad I chucked the open Bournvita bottle to the floor with the stuff spilling all over.  The sardar got furious, I thought he was going to punch me.  He started shouting at me, I shouted back.  Finally I said, "Oops, I dropped it, I'm sorry" and left the store.  As I was leaving, he tells me that this shows how uneducated I am.  I told him that he's what's wrong with this country.  I think I was expecting him to just take it back and replace it or give me my money back.  I can't remember the last time I was so mad at someone.  I think I just wanted to be mad.