Saturday, June 08, 2013

Economic Data Sources - Research Resources

Here is a collection of excellent data sources for economic analysis.  You might find discrepancies in the data, but that is usually the case with economic data as the sources might differ.  So use caution while using the data and understand what it is trying to say before using it.

1. The World Bank - Excellent source of raw data for several key indicators, including education, climate change, health, development for over 200 countries for the last two decades.

2. Trading Economics - Although the full features of this site requite a subscription, the basic package still is a storehouse of information.  As the website suggests, the information is more focused on economic, financial and trade data.

3. International Monetary Fund - Again a great global resource for several key development and urbanization indicators for almost all sovereign nations with a particular emphasis on Europe and developing countries.

4. UNDP - Really good data, and user defined tables on human development related statistics.

To be updated with more resources as I come across them.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever... But Is Narendra Modi?

The power of marketing and manipulation.  The power to control and contort prices.  Monopoly over supply.  That is how De Beers has maintained the largest bubble in the history of modern consumerism.  Truly spectacular.  Here have a read.

Call me conspiratorial, but I think there is a striking similarity between this De Beer's scam, and Narendra Modi's political prowess.  The success of both ride on the same things - superb marketing and public relations campaign, ride on the general stupidity of the mass populace who believe, if it's on the internet it must be true - you know who they are; and   creating massive artificial demand for something that has no intrinsic value.  A bit like how we give Clinton the credit for the glory days of the 90s stock market boom, which was nothing more than the seeds of the Dotcom bubble.  Here again we are facing a similar story.  

I have nothing against Narendra Modi per se, I just don't understand why we are all caught up in the hype when it is exactly that - an unsustainable, and nationally impractical hype.  Not to mention he slaughtered all those people...