Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Favorite Place

Of your mind, your face,
Your panache, your grace,
The crook of your neck
Is my favorite space.
It tastes so true
Striking the root of my base,
That when you’re gone, I feel,
Damn, I really miss that place…

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

There’s the great pita,
There’s the great white,
One you eat,
The other eats you,
If you haven’t figured that out,
You’re not too bright.

Friday, June 22, 2012


In the gentle breeze
And a soft drizzle,
With smooth polka sunlight
Streaming through the foliage,
You and I,
In a red cocoon,
Entangled in an embrace,
An approving twang rang
As our lips touched.
Thoughts and questions?
What need have we for these?
All is bliss, all is bliss.

Peylooshe [1]

It was the penultimate day,
The day before the end,
When we were all,
Destined to cease.

I caught your eye,
And we were lost
In a cascade
Of hair and arms and backs;
In the joy of being

Sounds drowned
People stood still.
We lived a lifetime
Between heartbeats

In that moment.
Freedom didn’t
Come at a price
You waited for me
In the valley of Death
And I gladly rode to my doom
Into your arms.

The world exploded
Around us
But Mother held us in the
Palm of her hands
The world ended,
But we were quite calm
For together
There is no fear,
Just the warmth of a

[1] Peylooshe is defined as a state of being in a permanent, warm, comforting, and loving embrace.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My room 
Is completely dark at noon,
Massive storm clouds
In the horizon loom.

Are they what
My mind has wrought?
Controlling the weather?
I think not.

For what reason should I
Want my sun be blot?

The earthy smell
Of the rain.
Washes away a
Very human pain.

Pitter, patter
Pitter, patter
All your shackles,
I’ve come to shatter.

The rain you see
Is really me,
It’s only my arms,
That will set you free.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Gloom of the TV

In a dark, empty room
There is only
The gloom of the TV.
It is late,
But I write because
Sleep escapes me.

A happy memory and a
Half-filled thought,
Reminds me how
Your face would look,
Bathed in,
The gloom of the TV.

And if you heard me
Say these words,
Your eyebrows would arch,
And your lips curl,
I would melt,
And all would be right.

By The Horns

See me,
Let me see you,
Make the world
In our heads real.

For the time we
Won't have tomorrow,
Make today,

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The City Burnt Brightly

Raging towers of inferno
Swirled in an ashen night sky.
Trees looked angry as smoke
Bellowed from their fiery crowns.
Buildings crumbled,
Engulfed in columns of fire.
The billowing ash made the moon
Seem cold, blue, and distant.
Scorched earth and hot sand
Burnt the naked soles of my feet.

The city burnt brightly behind me
As I waited for you at the pier.

Panic swept across
The ordinarily serene harbor.
People ran frantically.
Men and women and children
Families, friends, and lovers
Dashed to the nearest boats
To rescue their
Hopes, dreams, and fantasies.

I waited for you at the pier
With nothing else,
But the memories of us together.

As the boats began to fill,
Mad men threw themselves
Into the murky toxic waters
To swim for the distant shore
I watched in wonder and
Lamented their fall, and

I stood there waiting at the pier,
Wondering where you are.

What lengths we go to escape?
Fight the choking hand
Of Fate and Destiny we might.
But there is no relief
From this mortal coil
If you are not here tonight.

All the ships had sailed away
And I still waited for you at the pier

I stood there alone
As the city burned brightly behind me.
You never came,
But I still waited for you at the pier
Hoping you’ll rescue me,
As the flames danced in closer.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Fool's Voyage

I will sail my ship
Against the raging sea.
I will steer between
Scylla and Charybdis,
Battle one-eyed demons
And challenge night terrors.
I will fight sea monsters
And seductive sea nymphs.
I will dance with danger
And risk against my instincts.
All to come back to you;
So I can drown,
In your harbor.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Come With Your Sorrows

Come with your sorrows.
Your back hunched
Bearing the weight of this
Dire and wicked world.

Come with your pain.
A contorted face,
So small, dry, and weak,
Tired of the masks you wear.

Come with your jaleb.
A soft ringing laugh
That echoes around,
Long after you purse your lips.

Come as Yourself.
With a pocket of dreams,
And all your misgivings.
I will still be here, always.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I will squeeze your hand
When you are scared.

You will feel my touch
Even when I am not there.

I will stand beside you
But cast no shadow.

Don't be afraid of the dark
I will be your Jesus.

I ask for nothing in return
But your love...