Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rat Tails and Tahrs

In the lap of the hills,
Beside a lacquered stream
Where the bison roam,
In the full moon's gleam;

Dwarfed in natures beauty
Small humans we walk,
Play and swim and climb,
Take time, 

To stop and gawk.

Stare down a haughty cliff
At water that looks like sponge
To jump, or not to jump,
Don't ask…
Close your eyes and take the plunge.

Traversing back...

As we hop, rock to rock,
Our noses sniff the air,
The smell of heaven,
Wafting from the crock.

Pancakes and curry,
And caramel treats by the fire,
Fried little fish, and
Stories by a squire...

And thus time flew,
In tranquil bliss,
In the sun's mighty blaze,
Or the full moon's kiss,

And now were back…

To a Kodi winter haze,
Longing again,
For those Tahr Camp days…

This year, the end of the hiking season was marked with the annual high school Tahr Camp for those staff and students who completed their Tahr Pin requirements.  Meticulously arranged by Barbara Block, twelve students and four chaperones headed into the Rat Tail Falls region, armed with back packs and good cheer for three days of hiking, swimming, cliff diving, scrumptious improvised meals, stories, and sleeping under the magical gloom of a full moon…

The Irony of Social Service

This weekend I went back to the CMS orphanage with the KIS NHS students to work on completing a painting job of the orphanage walls.  As always it was fun, but I noticed something strange...

Many of the students, mostly non-NHS members, who were there to just tag along, came  quite impeccably dressed with earphones sticking out of one ear...

The irony of the sight was quite amusing.  Watching a handful of students paint a boundary wall in gaudy yellow or play with little underprivileged orphans in branded clothing and shoes and headphones, I could not help but smile at the sight.

The poor little kids must be thinking, who are these strangers in strange attire and why are they in my home looking so bored?  I would.